Charlie Hebdo. Faith is the killer.

Try believing that the victims in the Charlie Hebdo massacre are alive. Really try… have some Faith for God’s sake.

See, they are still dead. However much you want them to be alive, however much “faith” you use, they are dead.

They were killed by “faith”, by idiots believing “holy” books, and “holy” preachers. The books and the preachers told the idiots lies, and the idiots used “faith” and believed those lies, believed the garbage about God, and angels and rewards in heaven, believed all the nonsense that every Church, in every country, spouts to keep the money flowing into the coffers, and to keep the devout, devout.
Faith can kill, it can persuade people that killing a cartoonist is a good thing, or that killing a girl who goes out with the wrong boy, is a good thing, or that killing a Doctor who works in an abortion clinic is a good thing.
“Faith” creates this warped world where “good” is whatever some pillock in robes, or a silly hat, or on TV decides is good. Faith is the problem.

Teaching children to believe what some pillock tells them, and to use “faith” when they can see that the advice is stupid, and vicious, and savage, is the worst thing we can do to children.

If children are innocent, they don’t need some bearded weirdo, or dude in a dog collar, to tell them right from wrong.

Everyone says children are innocent, so the last thing they need is some creep corrupting them, teaching them to believe what they know is nonsense, and teaching them to respect believing nonsense, because it is “faith”.

Faith can’t bring back the victims of faith, but it will produce the next generations of killers if we continue to treat “faith” as good. Faith is believing in nonsense, why should any intelligent person respect a belief in demonstrable garbage.
Lets remember the brave people at Charlie Hebdo, by treating their killer, “faith”, as a criminal.

If anyone thinks their imaginary friend doesn’t like these comments, my name and address are here. Simon Mulholland, Providene Court Farm, Poccombe Bridge Exeter EX4 2HB

Come and see me, come and tell me whatever your “faith” thinks I should be told. If your “faith” requires violence, I will laugh at you, as a sad, and stupid, but vicious, fool.

I don’t have “faith” but I feel if we don’t stand up to the fools following faith, we will all end up as victims of the killers of Charlie Hebdo. So why not see if “faith” can do anything to me without a Kalashnikov, or IED. I know it can’t, and  you know it can’t which is why “believers” always end up using the Kalashnikov.

Je suis Charlie.

About saddlechariot

Revolutionary, believes everyone can enjoy ponies, and nobody needs a whip to do so.
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