Pony Access, what we do.

Pony Access provides access with ponies and access to ponies, frequently at the same time.

Pony Access allows those with mobility issues to go to some really surprising places. Beaches are easy, so are muddy tracks, forest paths, Dartmoor, farm visits, parks and gardens, and your local neighbourhood.

Pony Access uses the iBex Saddlechariot, a unique, new, SAFE, fully insured, wheelchair enabled, pony drawn vehicle. We are still looking to find places the iBex can’t go. In testing, an early version of the iBex Saddlechariot was driven, pony powered, from Exeter to London finishing with a trip round Hyde Park, solo, from a wheelchair, without a support team, without any problems. We are looking for new challenges.

The iBex has been massively improved since the London trip, and has enabled children in wheelchairs to participate in farm visits, to take a number of people, with varied disabilities onto the beach, to explore Haldon Forest, take trips to the pub………… it’s what it says on the tin, Pony Access.

Pony Access is there to help you, or your friends get where you want to go. Call Simon on 07510, 736518, or email ponyaccess@gmail.com. We can help.

5 Responses to Pony Access, what we do.

  1. Tracy says:

    Amazing work! I just posted a link to your website to our Facebook and Twitter followers : )

  2. Tracy says:

    Just shared this with a Paso Fino group of over 700 members that I joined a few days ago. My Paso Fino pulls a cart too! https://www.facebook.com/tracy.stevens.779642/media_set?set=a.1380631712155536.1073741829.100006261603347&type=3

  3. Awesome! I, also posted a link to all my equestrian friends via Facebook. Keep up the good work,you are amazing!

  4. Tracy says:

    Nice article on Therapeutic Driving. Thought about what you are doing when I read it, and figured you may want to post a link to your website: http://www.nj.com/sports/njsports/index.ssf/2013/07/post_78.html

    • Tracy, sorry it got lost in the system.
      The article says “But Rehr noted that therapeutic driving is “very labor- and resource-intensive because of all the safety considerations.” She estimated it generally takes four or five people to help one disabled driver. ”
      Look at this video showing a girl having her first ever drive, on the beach. Her mum was there, and I brought along a photographer. There were no risks because of the instant release system. The ramp on the iBex isn’t so dangerously steep and the person in the wheelchair can drive in safety, on their own.

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