Pony Access

Pony Access reaches the people other horse and pony organisations don’t reach.

Pony Access provides all terrain pony powered access for anyone.


If you just want to go on the beach,

or along the river bank,

or down the forest track,

or across the moors,

Pony Access will help you.

You don’t have to like ponies, we provide access.

If you like ponies, even better, you get access and ponies.


If you like ponies, Pony Access have ponies.

You can scratch them, or talk to them, or drive them, or watch them.


4 Responses to Pony Access

  1. I shall have to make a visit on my next trip to the UK, do you sell them.
    Thanks John Jones Canada.

    • Yes, they are for sale, and coming to see one in action is the most intelligent way to make a decision. You could of course fly ,me and Obama, and the iBex to Canada for a vacation, but that might be a little more expensive.

  2. Your system looks phenominal! I have been thinking about using a pony for easier access around our farm both for myself (not wheelchair bound but limited walking) and for ferrying disabled visitors to and from our badger watch hide which is otherwise not easily accessible.
    I have owned and ridden horses in the past but had to stop all that after several operations made it very unsafe for me to do either anymore.
    I am now starting carriage driving lessons with Driving for the Disabled and can see all sorts of possibilities opening up for me again with your system and a suitable pony.
    Can you tell me how much you charge for training a pony and driver and supplying one of your carriages?

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