AAA Access All Areas. Why?

Pony Access has a new website, Please go there for up to date information. Thank you. Simon.

Do you see a magical place to visit, or barriers to access.

On legs, you see magical places, in a wheelchair, you see barriers.

Pony Access breaks those barriers.


Wheelchairs are brilliant. They provide freedom of movement for so many people in so many places.

Cars are brilliant. they provide freedom of movement for so many people, in so many places. But cars can’t get across water. They sink. In the UK we still take our cars on holiday. We just use ferries.

Pony Access is a ferry service for wheelchair users. Car owners don’t keep their own personal ferry just in case they want to get to France. You don’t need to own a pony, to use Pony Access. You don’t need to know about ponies, or even like them.

When you take the Newhaven to Dieppe car ferry, do you care that it is 18,425 gross tons, or the difference between gross and deadweight, or indeed between short and long tons or even tonnes, or megagrams as they are known to enthusiasts. Do the 9 cylinders on each of two engines, with a 46cm bore, bore you?

Who cares. If you like the pony, that’s a bonus. If you find it interesting, that’s a bonus. Even if you don’t, Pony Access will still take you, and your wheelchair, across the bits you can’t manage in a wheelchair. It will even take people who can walk, but not that far, or across such tough terrain. As an all terrain ferry,  Pony Access is unbeatable.

If you want to get somewhere, ask the experts, Pony Access

Contact Simon Mulholland.

07510 736518

Pony Access, Providene Court Farm, Exeter, EX4 2HB.

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