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The safest activities are those where you can stop when you want, in safety. The iBex Saddlechariot allows you to do this.

When you ride a horse, if things get tricky, getting off safely isn’t easy. Falling off is. In a carriage, there is no safe easy way out of a moving vehicle. You have to stop the animal, and detach the harness from the vehicle, to make everything safe. With a scared animal this is difficult, with a panicking animal, impossible.

With the iBex Saddlechariot, at any stage, you can decide to disconnect the pony. If you are moving, the brakes are applied when you disconnect. If you are stationary, you stay stationary.

This does mean the pony is loose. If you are riding and fall off, most riders have let go of an animal. If you are leading and they spin around or knock you over, the result is a loose horse. Working with horses, loose horses are an occupational risk. Horse books advise tying up horses with a weak bit of string in the arrangement, so if they panic they can get loose.

Loose horses are a fact of life. But loose horses and ponies don’t mug elderly ladies, they don’t steal children’s mobiles, they tend to stand around and eat grass.

With the iBex Saddlechariot, at the first sign of trouble, you pull the release cord, and the pony can go and eat grass while you sit in the vehicle and decide what to do next.  This is the big risk. Boredom. You won’t be bolted with on a horse’s back, or on a vehicle attached to a bolting horse.  You will be sitting listening to birdsong, SAFE.

This is the virtue of the Saddlechariot release system. You can memorise the entire safety procedure. “If you are worried pull the release cord.”  It doesn’t matter why you are worried, maybe the pony suddenly started trotting, maybe your bank has just written to you. Pull the release cord and you won’t have to worry about safety. I can’t do anything about your bank.

There are endless other safety features built in, but the essential safety feature is the “get me out of this mess” release cord. The iBex saddlechariot is designed to provide a SAFE pony based, activity for beginners.  An Entry Level Equestrian Activity. The instant release makes this possible, and further info on Entry Level Equestrian Activities is here.

To discuss safety, or Pony Access in general, call Simon Mulholland on 07510 736518 or email

1 Response to Safety

  1. Joni Solis says:

    Do you sell plans on how to build a safe cart like this for one’s own pony?

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