Pony Access has a new website, Please go there for up to date information. Thank you. Simon.

Simon Mulholland

07510 736518

Exeter based, but I also work in Brecon and Sussex, and to be honest, anywhere people want me. Always happy to discuss possibilities.

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  1. Peg Ball says:

    Wow! Your Ibex looks like something I’ve been searching for! We have a Haflinger pony. I use a power wheelchair (Permobil C-300). We want to find a cart that will work for our pony that can carry me in my wheelchair and my partner (who does not bring her own seat!), so we can enjoy driving together. So tell me, is it possible to purchase an Ibex? If so what is the price, and how would I order it? We are in the US (Michigan). Also would like to be able to allow my coaching clients, some of whom are wheelchair users, to experience driving the pony. Similar to Pony Access, I hope to someday have a farm where people of all abilities can have access to ponies/horses and experience the joy and healing that comes from just being around them!

  2. anubelore says:

    Hello there. 😉 I kind of stumbled upon your blog, and ended up looking through its contents. Per that fact I wanted to both tell you I think what you do is wonderful and…ask you a question. I’ve read several of your articles regarding breeding and so on, and it is clear to me that you are quite intelligent and insightful. That being said, the question I have is…are you…entirely clear on the fact that saying a horse is a horse is a horse…is one of the most imbecilic things a person could utter regarding the equine being? No, I’m not trying to insult or troll you. It’s just…in all your -admittedly eloquent- ranting about horsey racism and sexism, you neglected to mention that a draft horse is the exact same species as an Arabian…however, they ARE two VERY different BREEDS! A fact that the ever inestimable Thomas Paine -apparently a racist by your lights- would have been delighted to help you grasp. Pardon me. Arrogance really gets my jackboots rumpled. (Get it) Anyway. Aside from the arrogant mannerisms, you speak intelligently, and you do good things in the world. So please tell me you don’t think it’s racist to know the difference between an Arabian and a Shire horse. Please. Give me hope. Horses are not humans. They DO have breeds. Are breeding organizations nuts/sick? Maybe. In some cases even probably. But acknowledging the difference between a Shire horse and an Arabian, or even a Percheron and a Paso Fino is most certainly NOT racism. It is realism. And yes, inbreeding is sick. Although every breeder I know finds it distasteful as well, if only for health reasons. Horses are not naturally inclined to s*rew their family. Yeck. And yuck. Also…ew. No, I am not 9 thank you. But….yech. Heh. Get back to me with your thoughts, would you? Thanks. 😉

    • I am 6’2″ and 220lbs. I have friends who are a lot shorter and a lot lighter, I have some who are taller and heavier. They are all human. Regional variations can be random, that a certain colour predominates but with no obvious rationale, or the bleak environment on the Shetland Islands produces short legged compact and tough little ponies. But where there are no physical barriers, there will be a continuum from north to south, or high to low, or wet to dry.
      Obviously a Shire and an Arab are different, but if they mate, they will produce a foal that shares characteristics of all its ancestors. They are the same species. People are people, ponies are ponies. The breeds were invented to make money, and to enshrine snobbery and racism.
      I work with people from all backgrounds and don’t feel the need to know who bred them. I take the same attitude to ponies.
      The disgusting deaths of Fell Foal Syndrome victims, the numerous congenital complaints, frequently fatal, that have been bred into what today is described as an Arab and the terminally sick breeding programs for “Thoroughbreds” show that the breed societies don’t care about the horses. they care about the class, race and money. If they find incest so bad, why don’t they ban it rather than boast about it.
      And on Dartmoor the non registered ponies go to the big cats in the zoos in a desperate bid to keep pretending the “purebreds” are worth something.
      I work with ponies and people. I don’t judge by their parents, I judge by their actions. In the UK, their actions are pretty sick. And we have infected the rest of the world with the nonsense. Find a breed that is older than the Thoroughbred. Sure there were always local horses, there were local people. But breeds, they are modern.
      Obama is pure class, and he will be driving through Exeter tomorrow, meeting people, being cool, and having a ball. He doesn’t need paper to show he is good, or to register his name, most of the kids in Exeter know Obama.

  3. anubelore says:

    PS: to Obama, generally my first words on seeing a new horse are something like “oh…he/she’s gorgeous! Just..beautiful.” And then the petting -if permitted- proceeds. Hope that’s acceptable. Although my horse knowledge is woefully inadequate, so I usually will ask what breed/kind of horse I’m petting, beyond “not a draft horse/not a…nother class of horse, my ignorance is showing…” Lol. Sorry. But that’s because I love knowledge and horses, so knowledge about a horse I’m loving on? (Petting) =jackpot! 😉 happy trails my…what’s anpany version of horsey? Friend! 🙂 lol

  4. Karly says:

    I would be interested in purchasing one of your saddle chariots for use on my sons pony.
    Could you please advise how I might purchase one of these fantastic chariots.

  5. Stephen reeve says:

    Please could you send me some more information? I’m a little confused by the site. Are they for sale? If so how much plus do you offer trecks in Devon?

    Many thanks

    • Stephen, contact me on 07510 736518 or and I can explain anything. Yes we sell the vehicles but I do the developing so the photos on the site are confusing as the vehicle changes by the day. However the chassis and basic design hasn’t altered in two years. I am just playing with bodykit to make it do everything from serious camping to logging and of course all terrain access for people who use wheelchairs.
      Price is variable depending on the level of disability. The more interesting the level, on the whole the better the price.

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