Training is a complex process and there are many routes. I know that kindness works, and can prove it. I also know that force and cruelty work. 5,00 years of proof is out there.

But for Pony Access, force and cruelty can’t work. I take ponies into inner city areas. Who thinks I should I should give inner city kids a whip to hit the pony, or spurs to kick it? How long would the project last if  I taught inner city kids to use force, or threats, on animal?

I started training with Obama on a simple, no whips, basis in January 2009. Here are some of the pieces I have written over the period.

These 4 are variations on the Godmother Concept written between May and August 2010

And this piece which ties together two systems ish. This all needs a rewrite, but there is some useful stuff in here, and it gives an idea of the way I have learned.

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