Glory to Charlie Hebdo.

In honour of Charlie Hebdo magazine and their staff.
My French is a tribute to my Eton education, ie mediocre at best, but I will buy the next copy of Charlie Hebdo with pride, and will even make the effort to read it, hoping that there is an awful lot about my aunt’s pen, a subject on which I am fluent in French.
If anyone finds this offensive, my address is on my website, and my photograph. Feel free to come and disagree with me. If you need to use violence, there is nothing I can, or will do about it. I consider killing people because your imaginary friend tells you to, to be the sign of a deeply sick, or incredibly stupid, mind. I consider all religions to be equally culpable in these deaths.
Books written years ago, or tomorrow, making unprovable and contradictory claims, are no basis for discussion, let alone a course of behaviour. Belief should be the result of looking at evidence. Faith, in any religion, is a sign of stupidity, at best.
I have seen little good in religion, and Eton spent 5 years jamming it daily, down my throat. This latest massacre is a sign that we should look at Faith, and reject it, as dangerous and evil.
My best wishes to all at Charlie Hebdo, and any other people or organisations who believe that truth trumps faith.
To the killers, and their supporters, from all faiths, and to all those who believe Faith justifies killing. I consider you to be stupid, and cowards and contemptible. And I will stand by these words.
Simon Mulholland.
Exeter Ex4 2HB

About saddlechariot

Revolutionary, believes everyone can enjoy ponies, and nobody needs a whip to do so.
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