Views from a wheelchair.

I don’t need to use a wheelchair because of mobility problems. I use a wheelchair to enable me to design a vehicle that helps with mobility problems. There are lots of pictures showing people in wheelchairs who don’t need to be in wheelchairs.If this offends anyone, tough. I won’t label the pictures “genuinely disabled” or “pretending to be disabled” because every single picture is a genuine picture of someone using a wheelchair enabled vehicle. If I use the wrong language, tough.

If you see pictures of a big, shaggy, scruffy bloke in a silly hat, that’s the way I am, so get used to it. If you see pictures of a small, shaggy scruffy pony, ditto from Obama or Henry.

This section will be filled with videos and photos of locations shot from the iBex and its many predecessors. The first is shot at West Town Farm and shows the railway cutting and badger setts.

Sirona bought the first production iBex to work at Dame Hannah’s at Seal Hayne. I did a quick test of the disabled ramps with Obama, mostly because they were there.






















The ramp is just a bit narrow.

4 Responses to Views from a wheelchair.

  1. Margaret says:

    Love the concept 🙂 Hoping to train our welsh pony to pull your vehicles (she’s not yet outgrown, but driving is a recommended activity for ponies destined for young riders) aiming to offer the chance to interact with ponies to folk less able 🙂

  2. KimJ says:

    Did you seriously name your pony Obama??? What a retched name… I feel sorry for the pony! You named your pony after a man that provided assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels that in turn killed many innocent Mexican people. Unreal… At any rate, cool concept with the mobile wheelchair thing.

    • I don’t understand US politics as they apply south of the border, but I get the feeling that the problem of drug cartels didn’t start with Obama’s administration. I am looking at a solution to two problems, to bring ponies back into peoples lives, and to find a use for all the ponies the competitive types have no use for because they are the wrong colour, shape or whatever. Creating a SAFE vehicle seemed to answer both questions.

  3. Helen Drever says:

    Well said Simon 🙂

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