AAA How we do it.

Burgh Island. Wheelchair accessible. Sponsored by Devon Contract Waste, for UN International day for People with Disabilities 2013

Pony Access has a new website, Please go there for up to date information. Thank you. Simon.

Safety First, Second, Third etc

Ponies and horses are unpredictable, and powerful. Nobody can control a bolting horse, because the definition of bolting is “out of control, moving very quickly.”

Pony Access ensure that the pony won’t bolt with a vehicle attached. We can’t stop the pony, we can instantly release the vehicle, even radio controlled. That is why we use the iBex Saddlechariot. See the video below.

Everyone involved has access to a simple rope release. Pull rope, it releases. It is that simple.

Pony Access training manual states, “If you are worried, pull the rope!”

I go on at considerable length about all the other safety features here. And here, and here.  In fact I don’t really discuss much else. But then, if you are safe, nothing much else really matters.

For detailed information on the iBex Saddlechariot, go here.

cross country.

Any Wheelchair

We can fit any wheelchair, and I know as I say that,  that someone out there is designing a wheelchair that won’t fit into the iBex. But it won’t work. You don’t know all the modifications I can make.

We have taken 160kg wheelchairs, with 120kg drivers across country. I say we, but Obama, my 12hh pony is the one doing the work.

heavily adapted power chair.

Any Terrain.

There are obvious limits on the terrain. I won’t take Obama across broken glass, or through mud that is deeper than a foot or so.

Power isn’t the issue. If Obama isn’t strong enough, a bigger horse will have power to spare.

Exmouth Estuary. Not many power chairs take this route.

Obama took me up Bellever Tor without problems. 110kg in an manual chair, and a tough route.

If you want to know “Why” I do this, go to “Why”

If you know “why” then all you need to do is contact Simon Mulholland at Pony Access.

To contact Simon Mulholland, Phone:  07510 736518, or email or if you see a black and white pony, and a wheelchair enabled vehicle cruising along the beach/road/mountain, stop and say “hi”.

Pony Access is Devon based, but highly mobile. we go anywhere. In September/October 2014  Obama and I will be driving from Exeter to Plymouth, over some of the lumpy bits of Dartmoor en route, before driving the South Downs Way from Eastbourne to Winchester. Details of the routes here.

Pony Access

Providene Court Farm

Pocombe Bridge

Exeter EX4 2HB

Obama celebrating getting four wheelchairs on Cuckmere Haven beach.

3 Responses to AAA How we do it.

  1. Carol Brooking says:

    May I have a Phone number for a friend who cannot go online.
    We have just met you outside Venezia on the grass.

  2. Heike Kreusch says:

    Hello. I would like to have contact because oft the construction oft these saddlechariots. Thanks. Greetings. Heike Kreusch

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