Obama and Bex cruising around town.

Devon Christmas weather has been soggy, as Obama’s coat shows.

The lack of ears is because Obama is in attack mode. He thinks going for me with his ears flat back is funny, and I am quite happy to let him, because it saves Bex from fighting his tendency to graze.

He does insist on his right to inflight refuelling. But we were heading for the Double Locks Pub, so it is only fair.

After a reviving drink, and before the Devon skies decided to chuick it down again, we set off for Exeter St. Thomas’s, but the nice route avoiding all the smelly cars.

Obama, checking his appearance.



And back in attack mode.

Just the weather for egrets.

This one was hunting the flood relief channel as we went past.

A good view of Exeter

And some class graffiti.

Along the Quay.

Along to the Two Bridges

My usual route under the bridges is cut off by the flood water, so Bex pushes the instant release and has to go by road instead. A nice easy cruise round Exeter.  Over the next weeks we will explore all the other routes round Exeter, accessible with Pony Access.

About saddlechariot

Revolutionary, believes everyone can enjoy ponies, and nobody needs a whip to do so.
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1 Response to Obama and Bex cruising around town.

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I was on the path yesterday too, puddle hopping with the dogs – wish I’d seen you!

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